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Project Description


XLVI Electronic Steamhammer: this coffee machine allows the operator to preset the amount of water for coffee extraction.

Recommended for intensive use, it ensures reliability in works with large volumes.

It is available with one, two or three coffee extraction groups and you can choose your favouriteĀ fingerboard with 4 or 6 buttons.

Download technical sheet

Key features:

  • P.I.D. heating system
  • LCD display
  • Automatic switch off
  • Energy saving
  • Coffee counter
  • Automatic washing
  • Maintenance warns
  • Underlevel spear: long spear that allows seamless modulability
  • Hammer: ergonomically designed lever for a progressive vapor release
  • Smooth flow: dispensing flow sweet and steady for an espresso made with velvety homogeneous texture
  • Steam box: it allows personalization of pressure and flow of steam to get a compact and hydrated cream
  • Fingerboard “easy use”: it’s conceived in a very intuitive way and to be comfortable to the touch
  • Mug bowl: this reversible grid facilitates the management of different sized cups.