Nitrogenizer for storing coffee

One of XLVI’s top machines, designed to astound you with memorable coffee/
Unique designs, top-quality materials and excellent performance: that’s Azomico, a system designed to keep speciality coffee. Two years in the design stage, during which time we carried out tests, made improvements and performed simulations to recreate the conditions of use and daily problems normally found in a bar.

How it works: Nitrogen is fed into the silo at a pressure of more than 2 bar: these specific conditions preserve the characteristics aromas and gases of the coffee beans, which remain pure and intact until the brewing process.
The nitrogen extends the lifetime and quality of the beans, protecting against the negative effects of time and oxidation.

Azomico is an XLVI patented design.


L’azoto viene inserito nei silos ad una pressione superiore a 2bar.


I chicchi non riescono ad espellere gas o aromi, quindi rimangono puri e intatti fino al momento dell’estrazione.

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